What a gold mine of material.


I probably have $100k in personal possessions.  That would bring the total up to $438k.

4% safe withdrawl rate is $17520.  Almost $18k, which is $1500 a month.  Question is, can I live on $1500 a month in Vietnam?  Definitely.  So I could definitely retire now in Vietnam.  There are some other details like how to maximize my tax savings going forward.  When the outside-tax-sheltered money would run out, etc.  It’s a good feeling to know I have that option.  Gives me a different perspective on my work.

Interesting how facts change over time as their emotional significance changes.  I might theoretically know something at age 20, but I only find it useful when I emotionally know more at 30.

People in Vietnam are poor, and so they use everything they have much more efficiently in America.  But they’re also uneducated, so their net productivity is lower than other places, at least measured by monetary income.  The trip really made me interested in what it means to be a developed country.  Vietnam was very dirty.  The water was bad.  The air smelled like car exhaust.


Split 3 ways

So the expected value definitely didn’t work out. But I guess all the small losses from playing the lottery don’t get their own stories in the press. Nobody celebrates wasting $5, and they never get a feel for how absolutely far from winning they were… Just that they didn’t win. They should rank lotto players so people can see how they can’t improve at w random game.

Lottery Calculation

$500M Jackpot would give you a take home of $204M.  Expected value of a $1 ticket would then be ($204M/$175M) = $1.16.  Not bad!  But if there are 2 winners… then that’s $1 for 58 cents of value.  That’s best case scenario.  Resident of NYC are looking at $174M take home, so they’re hosed from the beginning.