Small Home

I’ve talked about having a cheap home, but what about a small home?  In California, the only affordable homes are small.  But in other states, you can have a fairly large property for similar money.

But do you want to become wealthy?

In the last year, I’ve been changing a lot of things at my condo.  Putting stuff in storage.  Changing the flooring.  Getting someone to clean my kitchen and bathroom once a month.  Etc.  The condo looks way better than it did before… it’s much nicer.  More recently, I even bought some networked attached storage, which helped remove external hard drives from my desk tops.  For a while before this,  I was living basically like a hoarder, minus the trash and dirty parts.

Anyhow, something I’ve noticed is how much damn time all this takes!  Cleaning, researching contractors, talking to contractors, moving things from room to room as the contractors change the flooring.  Researching new / different furniture to buy.  Researching selling my treadmill, etc. (I ended up having to give it away 😦 … never again!)  It all takes up time!  Time that I should be laser focused on building my business or some other activity that helps me build my business.  And I just have a 1  bedroom 784 sq ft. condo.  What if I had a HOUSE?  How much house related crap could I be spending time on?  Lots.  I imagine some of it would be good, like being able to have friends over.  In fact, I’d probably feel like if I *didn’t* plan a party, then why am I spending so much on my house?

End result being, I’d spend less time focused on that and more time fiddling with home stuff.  Which isn’t that bad.  I’ve been doing a fair bit of it myself recently.  But it must be quantified and accounted for.  If you want a better chance at being wealthy, keep your home maintenance simple.


12 steps

What I thought in the shower this morning:

I like my girlfriend.  I like her a lot.  But I think I hug and kiss her too much for her culture.  She’s Vietnamese… American.  So she’s fully Americanized.  In fact, the only culture I could find that matches my level of affection is a leech in South America.  It just attaches shortly after birth and stays that way, pooping occasionally, until it dies.

So I know I have a problem.  I go to a 12 steps program.  “Hi, my name is Louis, and I am powerless to stop hugging and kissing my girlfriend.”  They ask if I brought my accountability buddy, and of course, introvert that I am, my girlfriend is there next to me.

How fucked up is that?  It’s like going to Alcoholics Anonymous and they ask for you accountability buddy, and I’m like… “Yeah I got my ‘Bud’ right here…  I’m drinking him.  Some beer can with a sign: “Don’t drink me!”

Actually my girlfriend likes kisses.  Not just on the lips – all kinds.  She just doesn’t like them in public.  Not that I blame her.  If I was dating me, I’d probably feel the same way.

“Ugh Louis.  Your boyfriend is so ugly!”

“Hey… what are you saying?”

My girlfriend would probably tell me that.  But the beauty of it is when you project this love triangle into one dimension — jokes on her!  It’s her boyfriend too!  Okay… that was a little nerdy.  I’ve got like the captain planet power of “confusion.”

Diversification Hooray!

Reached 100 executed, unique loans on Lending Club!  That’s what they recommend to limit risk.  Onward!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.00.05 AM

Also, just did my June budget.  Considering I have to pay for a plane ticket to see my family this summer also… it’s going to be a tight month.  May was a very expensive month… $2800 in shopping (ouch) and $3600 for flooring (ouch).  $2000 of the shopping was for long term, backed up data storage, so I feel less bad about that.  It’s a purchase I’ve wanted to make for years, and will let me do a bunch of cool stuff in addition to keeping my photos, music, and movies safe.  But $850 was… well, a lot of movies and stuff.  I definitely went overboard in May.  Also, a trip to Yosemite over Memorial Day weekend.  I accomplished the major goal of filling out the 401k, and I didn’t fuck up anything too too bad, but it’s time to tighten the belt for June.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.04.16 AM

I bought these cool clear cups.  They are fragile so I hand wash, but they insulate my coffee well and they let me see the interaction of coffee and cream (science!  woot!).