Square Up



$1633 extra

$1500-$124 = $1376 transferred to savings

Leaving $257 in food money

$2000 transferred to Edward Jones.  October is on track to be a good hobbit month!


2015 Year End Planning


  1.  Buy furniture from dad.  Nice furniture, but might end up costing me $6k. (ended up being like $9k+ ongoing storage costs)
  2. Move to a cheaper storage unit.  The move could be 1 day and $150.  But I’d save about $700 a year at the new place.
  3. Pay property taxes (hooray).
  4. Save money

Okay, let’s look at this month by month.












[end] damn that was quick!

Okay, so we’re talking about potentially $16400 + $4500 + $33866.

= $54766 [lowball because I’ll get a little extra in my paycheck toward the end of the year (extra ended up being like $100 per paycheck instead of $300 like in the past)]

$1200 – property tax installment 1

$1000 – storage costs for 1 year

$6000 – furniture

$5500 – IRA

15000 – IRA conversion

= $28700

= 26066

What’s the remaining mortgage balance at the end of the year? $100,819.

Okay, if Grokker is still alive for 3 months in 2016, then I can max out my 401k for that year also.

At $3k a month, that would take me down to $17066.  Then I’d have property tax due again, so $15,866.  I will need to sell some stuff, which means realizing my losses.  Ugh.  Maybe it will help me w/ the taxes that come due w/ the IRA conversion.  Maybe I should do the conversion for 2016 in case my income is lower that year due to unemployment?  $15k is starting to get near minimum emergency fund territory.  But at the end of all this, I’ll have

$50.5k Roth IRA + 35k Roth 401k = $85.5k tax free in retirement (seems kinda low sadly)

$100k left on my mortgage

$15k left in outside savings + 3k in lending club.  So I’ll be a sad panda until like 15 March 2016.

Net worth is like $260k equity + $103k savings = $363k.  Not much different than now, except that I’ll have that furniture and more of my assets shifted into post-tax, tax sheltered accounts.


Had a migraine last night, probably brought on my too much alcohol and caffeine.  It’s not all at once… it’s just have 1 drink a day for 3 days and 2 cups of coffee is apparently too much for my digestive tract.  Oh well.  It’s related to my job dissatisfaction.  I need to figure that out.

This morning, my outside of retirement accounts had $38,200.  Which is like $900 LESS than what I had a week ago.  And that’s AFTER the big market drop, and based only on about the $24k of invested value in those accounts.  So it’s like… FUCK.  I feel like I can’t put money in that account and have it be safe.  A 3.5% drop in a week!?  What the fuck is that.  I’ve lost 14% of the money invested in that account so far.

I’ve been reading about high frequency trading, about how volatility increases the trade volume which increases their ability to fuck people over.  On my single stocks (which were horrible picks, and I shouldn’t delegate that to my financial guy, so that’s my fault), I’m not as exposed to this kind of scamming after the initial purchase.  But the mutual funds I own… if they trade a lot, they certainly are (and therefore I am).

In theory then, I want to buy a bunch of stocks now that they are low… but of course after suffering such a large trauma, who wants to part with cash?  Especially when I’m not sure my job will last? Bleh.  I only need like $9k for my emergency fund.  The rest can go into investment or whatever.  I know this is still within the realm of normal equity activity, but it’s still frustrating to see my net worth decreasing even as I’m sacrificing so that it decreases less quickly.

The big picture

20 September 2015.  Over a year since my last major relationship ended.  3 months since a 6 month relationship ended.  It doesn’t seem like a great time for me.  Let’s weigh things out:


  1.  Stock market dropped 10 percent, setting me back a month and exposing shitty stock market picks.
  2. Job continues to pay, but seems entirely pointless, both from the perspective of my career development and the company as a whole.
  3. Most significant romantic relationship is with someone online in the Philippines.
  4. No new friends.  Not a very satisfying social life.
  5. No significant improvements in physical appearance.
  6. Not making any progress on starting my own company besides saving money ($42k outside retirement)
  7. I am still upset about that 6 month relationship ending, despite knowing the girl wasn’t a good long term partner


  1. Maintaining a decent weight and decent gains in back/arm strength from pushups.
  2. Girl in the Philippines is a doctor and so far a good match.
  3. Reading several good books on tape while going on long walks.
  4. Spending has remained basically under control and on the 5-10 year level, still on track for a good outcome.
  5. Job environment is still relatively cushy.

I’m feeling stuck and stupid.  I have a cup of coffee in the freezer to try and make iced coffee.  I’ll check it after 10 minutes.

What would I need to do to feel clever again?  Maybe try to write a short story?

As I’ve been thinking about my next career movie, it seems super clear that going on an increasing specialized technical track doesn’t fit with my long term goals and also isn’t particularly suited to my personality.  It would be relatively easy… in the sense that it would be easy to get a job continuing to do the kind of work I’m already doing, continuing to learn more about it.  Easy to collect the big paycheck that would come almost automatically.  But bad long term, I think.  I need a greater degree of control in my working life, not just over what I do on a day to day basis, but on my income.  Consulting with computer code would give me more control… but it would need to be automated so I could actually scale it some… and then I’d need to start selling those automated solutions, which I don’t have much of a passion for.

It took 45 min. to cool down the coffee.  If I had used a metal cup instead and first added half and half to cool it down, maybe I can get that down to a more reasonable time?  Summer is coming to an end though.  This is the stuff I don’t really think I have time for.