Paycheck hoarding day

Today I got my paycheck.  I had to pay my mortgage and play a little catchup on monthly savings.  So I transferred $1136.52 for the mortgage and $2400 for savings.  Bringing my total savings to ($2400 + $867)/$3736.03 = 87%.  Not bad.  But only possible because I failed to transfer as much as I should have last month.  I left myself with about $400 beyond the budget for this two weeks, just to avoid any overdraws from stuff like storage facility costs that I haven’t been paying for that long.

So then my savings should be $33,077.95 and my mortgage balance will be $102,560.30, knocking me back to 32.25% progress paying it off.  It’s been a rough month or two.  Cash is at $7,457.86.  How the mighty have fallen.

I’ve basically been bumped back to my August 25th savings level, albeit with less mortgage debt, more nice furniture, and less property taxes still owed.  It’s like September and October never happened.

This is why you don’t give your kids money

Bernie Ecclestone, the 81-year-old Formula 1 boss, has recently expressed his disappointment in his two beautiful daughters–in regards to their lavish spending habits. Back in 1997, the loving father deposited £3,000,000,000 (over $3.5 billion) in a trust that Tamara and Petra would have full access to when they reached the age of majority.

He had hoped that his daughters would find clever ways of investing the money. He wanted a great future for his children and grandchildren and hoped that this money would ensure that.

“The idea was that they’d buy super-quality property that would be long-term, for their children and everything else. It didn’t happen. They haven’t done that.”

Among the lavish, opulent, and ridiculously expensive things the two sisters spent their money on, are Petra’s £12 million wedding and Tamara’s £1 million crystal bathtub. They spent the entirety of their trust in less than ten years.

Yay for feeling better

I didn’t have any coffee today or yesterday.  Yesterday I got a caffeine headache, but today isn’t so bad.  I did have a few chocolate covered espresso beans, so I guess I cheated some.  But no that many and not all at once.

I’ve been doing a lot of pushups recently, but it doesn’t seem like I’m making much progress.  Like it’s still just as painful to do the same number.  So that’s disappointing.  I’m actually doing fewer than I did earlier in the year.  But at this point I guess that doesn’t bother me.  Just doing them consistently is enough.  Just the act of doing it.  Because the alternative is doing nothing and sucking.

I came across this guy rapping and saw some of his other videos.

And it made me sad that I haven’t been very creative recently.  I should figure out something to do.