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First $6k mortgage payment made.  Only 11 to go!  Balance will be $95,955.76.  Below $100k!  But, as I’ve reflected on before, the next few months are going to be rough.

The worst months will be the early, slower ones.  January will be easy b/c I’m with my family in December for the holidays.  But February and March will be boring.  April, I can probably pay an extra $2000 maybe from my tax refund (assuming it is even that high?), which will be nice.  April 2, the balance will be $76,660.  Not great but still far from where I am.  May is when I’ll probably pay down the big lump sum.  May 2 jumps me belowe $50k to $40,860.  June I probably get the $6k bonus, which gives me another encouraging boost.  But after that, the nitro boosts will be gone, and it’ll just be slogging through the home stretch during the hot summer months.  July will be cool b/c I’ll be in Georgia for 2 weeks probably.  August will be boring except for Burning Man at the end, which will absorb $$.  September and October will be boring.  But!  My last payment will happen Monday, Oct. 31 – Halloween.  Before my 32 birthday, I will be completely debt free!  My net worth will probably be around $480k.

So maybe it’s time to get really specific about how I’m going to be spending my time in January and February.  I know certain things:

  • It will be cold
  • I will probably have the same job
  • I have a ton of movies and video games
  • I need exercise
  • I need to not drink and limit caffeine to like 1 morning latte
  • I will not actually buy the latte, duh, I’m just saying that’s the amount
  • I need to learn more about sales and marketing
  • I should look for a social group to join that doesn’t cost money

Enslaving productive people


If we applied the Social Security payroll tax to income above $250,000, we could not only extend the solvency of Social Security for decades, we could expand the program.

Keep in mind that social security’s return for to earners (say $100k or more) is like 2%… compared to the 8% the market can return.  That’s a 6% compounding opportunity cost, which is pretty big.  Plus, the money isn’t invested efficiently.  So from the POV of the people he’s proposing to tax, the government is going to steal their money, invest in inefficiently, and then give it to other people.  And that’s America’s plan for handling old age.  Force productive people to pay for themselves and for everybody else.

Why should a person be concerned about earning more money or paying for retirement when they believe the government will send them a check?

Cheaper than the condo

It blows me away that this house is cheaper than the condo.  4k square feet, full basement, pool in the back, nice everything inside, hardwood floors, etc. 5 bedroom 6 bath.  Insanity.  I don’t think I’d want to maintain it, but I like the idea that I *could*.IMG_8300.png