2016 Housing Losses

If the plan is successful below… which I’m realizing more and more is going to also be a big social challenge… rejecting a lot of things… maybe I’ll have to come up with a habit of rescheduling things for 2017?  Anyway… my housing losses for 2016 will actually be even lower than 2015.

2015 housing losses:

$1800 TAX +$3660 HOA +$905 INS + $3617 INT

= $831.83 per month in losses

2016 housing losses:

$1800 TAX +$3660 HOA +$905 INS +$1179.36 INT

= $628.66 per month in losses.

2017 housing losses:

$1800 TAX +$3660 HOA +$905 INS

= $530 per month in losses.

As of 2017, this will be:

  • 46% reduction in fixed costs, and
  • 22% more available cash per month
  • 22% reduced loss per month (basically  (INT)/(monthly losses))




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