July 2015 – $515

Supposedly one of my best months.  My friends paid for 2/3 of the burning man truck, so all told, I only spent about $515 on crap in July.

It was the month after my breakup.  A depressing month.  I took out cash for spending from my bank account – a strategy that seems to work much better for me than using a debit card.

Arguably, the protein powder is just another form of food.  I guess I’ll be eating more of that in the new year, eh?

The Burning Man truck wasn’t avoidable, but I probably could’ve said no to the golf.  Stoney River was a steak with my dad.  I don’t regret that either.  Overall, I could’ve done $150 less, so more like $360 instead of $515.  If I did $360 in excess every single month, I’d only extend the payoff by 1 month.  I don’t want to do that… I’m just pointing out that $360 isn’t insanity territory in terms of failure.

It also helped that for 2 of those weeks I was in Georgia w/ my family.  There seems to be a clear pattern of staying with family = not spending money.


  • $811 Burning Man truck
  • $98 golf at Edisto
  • $89 Edisto
  • $48 Amazon (protein powder)

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