Negative Interest Rates

What’s the rationale for negative rates?

The idea is that negative interest rates provide banks with an incentive to lend money rather than to hoard it. The same would apply to members of the public, who would be encouraged to spend rather than save.

LoL as if America needs to save less and spend more.  😦


Nobel Winner Interview

He doesn’t give very detailed advice… but he also is 88 and basically says he wants to stick with what he has experience with (okay, so good on him for not being egotistical and trying to stay within his realm of expertise).

A Nobel Prize Winner Answers Your Top 10 Questions About Money

He’s straight forward:

1. What are the top pieces of advice you give people about money?

Markowitz: I only have one piece of advice. Diversify. And if I had to offer a second piece of advice, it would be: Remember that the future will not necessarily be like the past. Therefore we should diversify.

Other nuggets:

How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

How To Save For Retirement When You’re Self Employed


And… I just made my extra mortgage payment.  So these numbers are going to juggle around some.   The telephone lady waived the $20 fee this time (that was nice… I guess… but why are they charging it in the first place?).

I’m going to be so glad to get rid of B of A.

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court, a Bank of America employee who placed ten or more mortgage accounts into foreclosure a month could get up to a $500 bonus.

They were willing to fuck a single person over for $50.

Savings Rate By State

Prediction: poor (conservative) southern states will have the lowest savings rate b/c of low income.

Highest savings rate will be states where significant portions of people are in big cities / higher earning.  Not really connected w/ conservatism or liberalism, mostly a function of income.

California will be somewhere in the middle b/c it is so damn big… it has big cities and large numbers of poor rural people.

Ok now here’s what I found…

California ranks #32 (as predicted, woot).

Rank States  Amount 
# 1   New Jersey: 114.35
# 2   Connecticut: 113.98
# 3   Minnesota: 113.7
# 4   New Hampshire: 112.19
# 5   Massachusetts: 111.77
# 6   Maryland: 111.4
# 7   Delaware: 108.73
# 8   Michigan: 107.45
# 9   Wisconsin: 107.41
# 10   Colorado: 106.41

Okay, so a fair number of the Northeast states.  I’m surprised that Michigan (Detroit, auto industry) is so high.  I was also surprised that New York was #38.

Indeed, the lowest are mostly the poor Southern states:

# 41   Kentucky: 92.97
# 42   Tennessee: 92.55
# 43   Texas: 92.02
# 44   New Mexico: 91.46
# 45   West Virginia: 90.39
# 46   Alabama: 89.29
# 47   Oklahoma: 87.77
# 48   Arkansas: 87.12
# 49   Louisiana: 86.94
# 50   Mississippi: 85.48

February Trader Joes Spending

I don’t think I’ve used my visa gift card in Feb?  So probably Mint has an accurate view of what I’ve spent at Trader Joes in Feb. – the main place I’ve purchased groceries.  I’ll add in Safeway too.


Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 1.02.07 PM.png

+$32.59 today.

Around $220


+$30 Safeway.  So around $250 total.  Not bad!  Definitely within the $500 limit… I just can’t let myself pad the spending too much and assume the $500 will cover it.