Why I think Suze Orman is trash


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.41.14 PM.png

Most of the content of that page, which is supposed to be about car affordability, is SEO trash words.  The page forces you to go to CNBC.com to see the real content of the article.  She’s not offering you real value — she’s just profiting off the referral and advertisements.

Even in the full article, she finishes with

Orman says if the payments on a three-year loan are too large, then you can’t afford the car.

Well — what payment is “too high”? That seems like a necessary analysis for affordability!?  The creditors will extend you up to 36% debt to income ratio, or something stupid like that.

This kind of shitty half-assed advice is why I can’t stand Suze Orman.  The thinking is shallow, and it’s clear she’s in it for herself.


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