Went on a Date – $78

To San Francisco.  Let’s add up the damages.

Gas to drive to and back from Hayward: $10ish

Dinner: $36 (decent Ramen place)

Drinks: $14 (ginger beer for me)

ATM fee: $3 (bar fucks you over w/ cash requirement)

Cover for bar: $5

BART ticket: $10 (I guess to be fair, I still have $5 on my card)

Looks like around $78?  And this was a “cheap date,” where the stuff we did was no big deal, and the other person paid for a substantial amount (Uber rides, several of her drinks, her own BART ticket, etc.)  Lesson:  pretty much anything you go to SF for is going to be expensive.  I mean, just to get up there by driving to Hayward, and taking BART, you’re talking about $20.  It might be a little cheaper to drive directly, but then you have to pay absurd amounts for parking.


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