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Increase!!  I’ll hit 16% at the end of today.

If I made 8% on my money this year, I’d have an average daily gain of $85.  So $319 is huge… sadly it seems like I’ll have to stomach the volatility if I want to get anything like 8%… which I don’t expect, since only a fraction of my net worth is in equities.

Okay, for fun let’s take a look again at my fixed costs.  The $1500 floor has been bugging me.

2016 monthly budget ($2659 total):

Approx Date Name Amount Approx Date Name Amount
1 Mortgage 1137 15 Insurance 1 68
10 HOA 315 18 Netflix 8
11 PGE 50 30 Insurance 2 68
12 AT&T Phone 100 30 Comcast 67
14 Github 7 30 Gas 50
15 gas 50 15 spending 500
3 Public Storage 102.9
2 Bird Storage 125
audible 15

Okay… so we can cut audible, phone can be $50, can cut Netflix, github.  The insurance is on the condo and on the car… I could get rid of the car potentially, but not really the condo.  The big fixed expenses are really the HOA fee, the storage fees.  I could get rid of Comcast and use free wifi at different places.  I’m comfortable leaving spending at $500.

I need to get rid of the public storage somehow.  I have a lot of crap in storage… furniture… books.  And it’s like 20% of what is keeping me from independence if you look at it from a fixed cost perspective.  I should probably dump the condo and have my money in an equity with fewer monthly cash requirements… it’s hard to know what to trust though.

Without the condo, my fixed costs could be:

  • $500 food and misc
  • health insurance
  • transportation (get rid of car?)
  • housing (bay area probably $500 minimum… but then what’s the point of selling the condo?)

But honestly… when we talk about getting rid of the car, and the car is just a honda civic, this start sounding like an income problem.  I’m terrified of generating an income outside of my job, so mentally I’m avoiding that as part of this equation.  But generating $2000 in profit a month really shouldn’t be a big deal.  I need to get over it.  I need to accept that $1500 in fixed costs is fine, and in the next year I need a goal of say $2500/month income outside my job in order to cover the health insurance and misc. stuff when I quit a full time job.

$1500*12*33 = $594,000 required nest egg.

In 2017 I should hopefully be at around $480,000.  Theoretically I could be at $594k by 2019… I’d be 34.

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