Not bad

I walked 17 miles yesterday.  I’m up to 16.7% progress, and the end of today will be 17%.  I found a $20 on the ground, so that offsets the $30 I spent on DLC yesterday (I broke down and bought the Fallout 4 expansion… guess that was predictable… yay for rationalization).  Had a great walk around Stanford with a girl.  Today I’m going to a Bangladeshi food/culture thing in Fremont… should be a little money for gas and food but I’ll try to keep it down.

Net worth still above $392k… It’s a fantasy for it to stay that way.  :-P.

Oh, btw, tons and tons of interesting stuff in the “Thinking, Fast and Slow” book I’m reading.  Just gobs and gobs.

  1.  Cognition has two different systems, system 1 (intuitive, associative) and system 2 (logical, methodical, but lazy).
  2. We can prime people to make certain decisions by exposing them to material for which system 1 has readily available associations.
  3. System 2 only has so much ability, and dilates the pupils when strained.
  4. System 2 only has so much endurance, and when glucose levels are depleted, people will not use as much analytical thinking.
  5. Getting more glucose improves logical thinking.
  6. A good amount of intelligence is related to how lazy a person’s system 2 is when it is supervising system 1.  For example, people who check their intuitive answers vs. people who do not.

If a baseball and a bat cost $1.10 together, and the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

Was your answer that the ball cost 10 cents?

If so, you’d be wrong.


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