Wednesday Morning

My dad calls me every couple days or so and asks me what’s new.  Lately, not much.  I’m failing at getting more diversity in my life while not spending money.  On a typical work day, I get up, eat breakfast, shower, and go to work.  Then I drive home, eat dinner, watch some TV, read, chat online, and go to sleep.  It’s not a terrible existence.  In fact, it’s pretty good.  But there’s not a lot of change in it.

I look at personal capital a lot.  And… because most of my net worth is tied up in my home, it’s difficult to see any systematic investment results.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been invested in a variety of relatively opaque vehicles.  The recent market volatility doesn’t help.  If I wanted to see progress in that part of my life, even if I sold the condo and invested everything in four index funds – small cap, medium cap, large cap, and international — seeing systematic gains probably wouldn’t happen.  I’d still experience the general (predictable) market volatility we should expect for the next few years.  Really the only way I’d see something more systematic is if I constructed it myself.  If I started a business.


24.3% will have been paid off next Monday.  And I’ll have around $24k in cash for emergencies or to continue to pay it down.  A nice kind of symmetry.  33.7% a month after that.  Then 43.1%.  Then 52.5%.  That payment will be made June 1st, and I’ll still have a bunch of cash in the e-fund at that point.  July 62%, August 71.5%, September 81%, October 90.5%, November 100%.  Things will really start looking good around Burning Man, but I still have to stay hardcore if I want to finish on time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.32.12 PM.png


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