money and marriage

With her personal net worth said to be close to $350 million it’s hard to believe that Jessica Alba’s enormous wealth could possibly tear her family apart, but her husband, Cash Warren, is said to feel overshadowed by his wife’s overwhelming success.

One source in the latest gossip November 23, issue of Star magazine claims that things came to a head while recently dining with friends at Nate n Al in Beverly Hills:

“He told the table that he felt like a kept man and sty-at0home dad to witch Jessica unapologetically snapped, ‘I’m sorry that I’ve done the right things with my money and you haven’t.

“He’s panicking because Jessica seems to be able to do it all — without him.

“She makes so much money, he can’t help but feel like he’s not good enough.”

These people clearly aren’t acting like a team.  What do you want out of life?  “MY MONEY” or “OUR TEAM”?

On the other hand… it’s celebrity gossip.


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