I like precise spinning things.  I bought a nice machined titanium top for $35.  It was great.  Then I dropped it on concrete, and now it doesn’t spin well.  So I contacted the company, and they said they couldn’t repair it, but they could sell me another one for $18 + $8 shipping.  So I went for it.

But, the point is: if I wasn’t so snobby about my top preferences, I wouldn’t have spent $61.  Besides, I already had a nice stainless steel top.

Today, BH has the Apple Watch on sale for $100 off+ $75 gift card + free extra metal band.  That would bring the net to around $500 +$75 gift card + free band.  I’m tempted.  But it goes against so much!  Ebay has new/returned for $450.

The click sound at 54s is the sound of my net worth decreasing.  Must resist!

An Apple watch would be like 3 days more of working.

My friend said, “I needed a nicer apartment.  I went to Cornell!” which struck me as another example of cascading costs.  What’s the point of going to a nice school if it forces you to spend your money on nice things?  But then, I’m completely discounting the value of nice things, which of course I tend to do in proportion to my recent level of luxury.  Which is another part of the cascade — the more you have these material things entering your life, the more you value them, because we also fear the loss of the status quo.  The loss of the savings or the loss of the consumption.  It’s a rage against change.

Marketing is the intentional spread of discontent.  They need your discontent to motivate you to buy the item.

The condo balance is now $76,010.76.  $76k / 200 = 380 days.

In the bank I have about $16k, so if I stopped investment it would be 300 days.




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