Key West (final ish)

I booked the Airbnb and cancelled the normal bnb (the breakfast and pool seemed meh).

So flight + room is now $932+$859 = $1791 = $900 per person.  It’s about a 12 minute walk to the main strip.  There’s a nice public beach 3-4 blocks away.  I’m assuming the pool at the house is probably better than the pool at the normal bnb, which was pretty token.

$180/person per day.

  • I need to reserve/book trips to dry tortugas and other cool places. ($340)
  • rent a car to go to bahia honda? ($40 a day I think)
  • checkout some of the other keys

It kinda nukes this year being a cheap travel year.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.46.59 AM.png

I probably could have planned this better.  Like if I had booked Amelia Island instead.



Roth 401(k) at $15,640.35.  Next paycheck my contribution needs to be $2,359.65.  Net worth is at $412,510.  Should go up to $418k after the payment clears and I get the money back from the WWDC ticket (officer manager says that’ll be like 5/15 :-().

I’ve been face down in a big project for the last week or two.  I’m coming to the end of it… I hope I can be finished by the end of this weekend.

Fun Facts from my paycheck:

  • 37% of my gross pay has gone to taxes so far in 2016.
  • 32% of my gross pay has gone to retirement so far in 2016.
  • 31% of my gross was deposited into my bank account.
    • 7 of the 31 paid down the principal on my mortgage

Okay, with monthly losses at like $1800, I would’ve had to spend 1800*4.5 = $8100 on necessities at a bare minimum.

Okay… so how did I spend it?  Let’s count up some forced savings.  I’ve paid 4 mortgage payments with 2016 money (February, March, April, and May).  Each month is about $900 principal.

  • 52.5% of my direct deposits was needed for my budgeted, fixed losses.
  • 23.3% of my direct deposits was put into home equity.
  • 13% was spent on wasteful stuff like video games, yo-yos, speakers, and movies.
  • I’ve spent a good chunk on travel also (Burning Man, Edisto, Key West)

It gets a little fuzzy after that, since I used savings to pay down extra equity, to contribute to my 2015 IRA, etc.


Friend bought a house

Assuming $425kScreen Shot 2016-05-01 at 8.29.19 AM.png

$85k down payment.  $340k mortgage.  Assume 25% tax bracket

Assuming 30 years at 3.5%.

Monthly Payment: $1527 – $250 writeoff.

Monthly Property Tax: $312

Monthly Insurance: $120

Monthly maintenance: $354

= $2063

This is split between two earners, so that helps a lot.

Okay let’s look at the 15 year scenario.  2.75% Interest.

$2307 payment.  ($779 interest, $1528 principal).

$2307 – $195 writeoff + $312 + $120 + $354 = $2898.

40% higher.

What kind of take home pay would we need for this to match Dave Ramsey’s advice?

$11,592 in take home pay.  Between two people.  $5796 per person.  Each person needs to earn about $105k in GA.  What do they likely earn?  They’re both engineers.  It’s definitely possible that they’re making enough to follow the Ramsey plan w/ this house.  Need to make sure to keep savings to cover the monthly payment in case of job loss…

And then a completely different friend posted another picture – they also bought a house.  Lawyers :-P.  Okay let’s stalk this property:

JF Realty sold it

cream colored paint w/ burgundy windows.

address ends in a “6”

previously they lived in watertown (still have to make a commute)

two stories with a porch and columns.

said they were moving to waltham

I failed to find it :-(.  I suspect it might be a house/condo conversion.

Just kidding!  I found it.

It’s a condo.  Not the full house.  $532k.  2400 sq ft.  top two floors.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.23.56 AM.png

4 bed 2 bath.  $100 HOA.

$107k down.

$426k mortgage

30 year $1912, $1242/$670

15 year $2891, $976/$1914

property tax: $532

maintenance: $443

$155 insurance



A poem about Silicon Valley, assembled from Quora questions about Silicon Valley

These are all quora questions.  Check out the article to see the answers.

Why do so many startups fail?
Why are all the hosts on CouchSurfing male?
Are we going to be tweeting for the rest of our lives?
Why do Silicon Valley billionaires choose average-looking wives?

What makes a startup ecosystem thrive?
What do people plan to do once they’re over 35?
Is an income of $160K enough to survive?
What kind of car does Mark Zuckerberg drive?

Are the real estate prices in Palo Alto crazy?
Do welfare programs make poor people lazy?
What are some of the biggest lies ever told?
How do I explain Bitcoin to a 6-year-old?

Why is Powdered Alcohol not successful so far?
How does UberX handle vomiting in the car?
Is being worth $10 million considered ‘rich’?
What can be causing my upper lip to twitch?

Why has crowdfunding not worked for me?
Is it worth pre-ordering a Tesla Model 3?
How is Clinkle different from Venmo and Square?
Can karma, sometimes, be unfair?

Why are successful entrepreneurs stereotypically jerks?
Which Silicon Valley company has the best intern perks?
What looks easy until you actually try it?
How did your excretions change under a full Soylent diet?

What are alternatives to online dating?
Is living in small apartments debilitating?
Why don’t more entrepreneurs focus on solving world hunger?
What do you regret not doing when you were younger?