Tread in Pink for Diane: Her final wish

Dave Ramsey discusses being a turtle in the context of building wealth.  But I like this perspective too.

Positive pictures in the face of a very early death…

These are just moments in time.  I am not sure I would be able to fake it to smile this much if I was in her situation.


The turtle backpack she wears contains her food.  Her stomach stopped working because of the chemo.  She had a PEG tube installed at one point.  I know those are rough.

This kind of situation make me severely discount many complaints in life.

“My life leading up to my diagnosis, I must say was pretty mundane” Diane said. “The usual- school, study, work, and sleep. I honestly made no time for nothing else, because at that time, that was all I was concerned about.”

Diane told CSJ she had the mentality that in order to achieve her goals, “I had to solely focus on working as hard as I could. But in some weird ways, cancer has allowed me to become free.”

Diane said her diagnosis genuinely taught her “to open my eyes and become mesmerized by the beautiful blessings surrounding me,” adding, “it has taught me to humble my soul and never take anything for granted, and most importantly, it has taught me to be courageous during the roughest moments of life.”

One of the things that makes Car Street Journal unique is that every person on staff is exceptionally driven and goal oriented. Each one of us shares her ambitious mentality, and often, we too, forget to take a moment and enjoy the little things that make life beautiful.

Realizing the similarities and witnessing first hand how dramatically those ambitions and goals can change was a very profound moment for many of us.

“I believe smiles and having a positive outlook through any trials and tribulations can make any difficult situation become achievable,” Diane said, adding “the best outcomes come when you give yourself the opportunity to be patient.”

“Turtles move at a slow pace giving themselves the opportunity to never rush through life and witness how beautiful life can be.”

Diane told CSJ, “let you define yourself. Be cowabunga, be courageous, and be caring.”


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