Handle your shit before having a baby.


3 thoughts on “Responsibility ”

    1. The birth +pre/post natal costs around $10k, so I’d say that’s a minimum, and that ignores the crib, car seat, clothing, etc. People say, “If you wait until you’re ready to have a baby, you’ll never have one.” There is some truth to that. But I think a person can at least map out the year 1 costs, and then make sure they have the savings/income/insurance in place to cover those costs without going into debt or begging for money. A big piece of it is having stable/decent income and low fixed costs. Ignoring the medical scenarios that could nuke anybody, stable income and low fixed costs can cash flow through many situations, including a mom being forced to leave her job / care for the baby / look for another job after 6 months. For two children, you have to consider how far apart you want to space them and if you’ll have any economies of scale (child care). I know in Cali monthly babysitting can be $2k+ per month, so sometimes it numerically makes sense for one of the parents to stay at home. I think the average is that a baby costs $1100 a month / $250k until age 18. You don’t need to save $250k ahead of time, but you need a reasonable plan to generate the income, which for me in California probably means both parents working, just from the POV that 2 income streams is much more stable than 1.

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