Key West

Decided to go on a vacation w/ my dad while I’m back on the east coast.

He really likes Florida, so Key West seemed like the place to go.  B/c of time constraints, flying was necessary, then the challenge was booking a reasonable room.  So far it’s like:

  • $932 for both flights (direct)
  • $1142 for a small room in a good location (small bed)
  • =$2074 for flight + lodging

5 night stay.  The lowest price I found was $650 for a place 1 hour away.  I thought about maybe doing that and renting a car.  The expensive resort place was $2000 for 5 nights.  The biggest downside to the room for $1142 is that it is 1 queen bed, not two.  So that’ll be cozy.  I can still cancel.  The location is good and we probably don’t need to rent a car, I think.

The place includes breakfast that looks decent.  I’m guessing the vacation will cost $1000 ish on top of the existing stuff.  $3k is pretty expensive for 5 days.  But I can afford it and it’s not like I go on lavish vacations with my dad constantly.

$3k delays me by about 2 weeks though.

I think something that’s interesting — in the past, when I’d spend irresponsibly… the spending itself would trigger kind of a paradigm shift in my thinking about how much I should pend.  A shift in my identity.  So bad spending would be followed by more bad spending.  Because if I can afford A then of course I’m the kind of person who can afford B.  And since I never bothered to tally up the total or to see the impact on the future, I didn’t really care until the money ran out before the next paycheck.

But now, I have an 24+ month budget, and the budget reacts to new spending.  So when I put in the vacation cost, I can see the future money going away – I can see the final payment date being pushed into the future.  And my future spending doesn’t change.  A vacation purchase in April 2016 doesn’t automatically add anything to May 2016.  May 2016 is just as thrifty as the original budget.  There’s no shift in my thinking.

Okay.  There’s an Airbnb for $859.  $283 cheaper.  Worth it?  No free breakfast.  Only a full size bed (that might just be too small).  Worse location, but not terrible.  It has a pool.  $56 dollars a day savings though!  I think we can probably go to any restaurant we want for that.  It has wifi, washer, and dryer.  Microwave and fridge.  We could rent a car for the difference, and they have free parking.  That could be convenient.  Not convinced I’m going to find much cheaper than this, but something could open up.

$916 for another w/ a queen size bed.  $56 more.


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