Key West (final ish)

I booked the Airbnb and cancelled the normal bnb (the breakfast and pool seemed meh).

So flight + room is now $932+$859 = $1791 = $900 per person.  It’s about a 12 minute walk to the main strip.  There’s a nice public beach 3-4 blocks away.  I’m assuming the pool at the house is probably better than the pool at the normal bnb, which was pretty token.

$180/person per day.

  • I need to reserve/book trips to dry tortugas and other cool places. ($340)
  • rent a car to go to bahia honda? ($40 a day I think)
  • checkout some of the other keys

It kinda nukes this year being a cheap travel year.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.46.59 AM.png

I probably could have planned this better.  Like if I had booked Amelia Island instead.


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