Roth 401(k) at $15,640.35.  Next paycheck my contribution needs to be $2,359.65.  Net worth is at $412,510.  Should go up to $418k after the payment clears and I get the money back from the WWDC ticket (officer manager says that’ll be like 5/15 :-().

I’ve been face down in a big project for the last week or two.  I’m coming to the end of it… I hope I can be finished by the end of this weekend.

Fun Facts from my paycheck:

  • 37% of my gross pay has gone to taxes so far in 2016.
  • 32% of my gross pay has gone to retirement so far in 2016.
  • 31% of my gross was deposited into my bank account.
    • 7 of the 31 paid down the principal on my mortgage

Okay, with monthly losses at like $1800, I would’ve had to spend 1800*4.5 = $8100 on necessities at a bare minimum.

Okay… so how did I spend it?  Let’s count up some forced savings.  I’ve paid 4 mortgage payments with 2016 money (February, March, April, and May).  Each month is about $900 principal.

  • 52.5% of my direct deposits was needed for my budgeted, fixed losses.
  • 23.3% of my direct deposits was put into home equity.
  • 13% was spent on wasteful stuff like video games, yo-yos, speakers, and movies.
  • I’ve spent a good chunk on travel also (Burning Man, Edisto, Key West)

It gets a little fuzzy after that, since I used savings to pay down extra equity, to contribute to my 2015 IRA, etc.



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