Need more cash

Okay, so most definitely I’ve spent too much money recently.  Travel and yo-yos.  The yo-yos… well I know I should feel bad about it, but I don’t.  The yo-yos I got were at the top of my (very short) list.  And I got some in fabulous condition.

But!  But.  All the travel/yo-yo spending has reduced my saving from around $11k to around $4k.  Which means I need to build up my emergency fund ASAP.  This next paycheck will finish my $401k and leave me with $1550 cash.  Additionally, I should be getting back a refund for the WWDC ticket I bought ($1600).  I’m not convinced my work will reimburse the WWDC ticket though, because they seem to drag their feet on money related changes.  Anyway, if they do come through, that would boost me to more like $7k savings.  So then I’ll have the end-of-May paycheck (+$2000ish) and the mid-June paycheck (more like +$3000).  That would put me at $12k savings by mid-June.  After that I can resume paying off the condo / taking care of boring things like 2016 IRA.  But… I kinda want to just pile up cash.  $5k savings is stressful…  What a luxury, right?  $5k = stress?


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