Why you should drink a certain vodka

Because it will let you have your first lesbian encounter:

Because it will relax you enough to hang out with a trans person:


There are enough commercials and political ads that play on our fears that I can’t rightly point at these commercials and criticize them.  If anything, they should be applauded for going in the other direction… even if they glazed it over with models and 1-of-each-skin-color actresses.  In the scheme of things, there’s just more important stuff to spend time on.  But it is really bizarre to think that these are actually encouragements to drink a certain vodka.  Like – “Absolut, the vodka for socially liberal people!”

Did they have to be phrased as commercials at all?  Could Absolut have packaged them as public service messages with a little more honesty (why is everybody a model/actress) and sent the same message to the same people?

I think other will complain this is Absolut cashing in on the real equality work that’s been done in the last decade.  There was an article the other day about how many feminine brands have done the same thing with the concept of empowerment.  I don’t really have a problem with any of it.  It sends a message of acceptance, not hate, and then it’s up to each of us to handle our own shit.


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