Alltime net worth high day, also.  This post brought to you from the Philippines.  I’m working here for a week while visiting a friend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.22.45 AM.png

Brexit has dinged my investments a bit.  Condo jumped another $4k or something stupid.  Cash reserve continues to grow.  I’ve been spending some extra money, but relatively the Philippines is cheap, and I’m not going to michelin star restaurants – just stuff like hot wings and Starbucks.  $16/night room (which is actually pretty nice, includes a kitchen, bathroom, hot water, drinkable water, bed, air conditioning, work area.  A few cockroaches but whatevs.   Total cash on hand is about $11,500 and the mortgage is paid through July.  First two weeks of July should cost me around $1500 (I have to buy a Christmas plane ticket).  The biggest expenses in order are:

$400 set aside for  Christmas plane ticket (last year I did it for $300)

$315 Home Owner Association Fee (unavoidable)

$250 food

$125 Bird Storage

$121 Public Storage (going away in August)

$103 Phone

$75 PG&E

$50 gas for work

$15 audible

I downloaded Bill Clinton’s biography as an audio book.  I’m also listening to “Ghost Wars” which I’ve already read much of, but is interesting anyway.

So that means I’m looking at $10k savings left + $400 cash leftover + $6200 bonus + $3200 savings = $19,800 by the middle of July.  The plan has me to basically get $20k cash and then stop aggregating cash.


Interesting take on Brexit

I still have a lot to learn about it…  In principal, I’m for making trade easier.  I’m against many forms of regulation… but I clearly see the advantage of having the standards be the same across Europe to make business easier.  With respect to immigration, I’m fine with people being able to move around to do business, but w/ these big social programs, there’s obviously a motivation for people to leave their shitty country for a different wealthy country with free healthcare, but that’s not long term efficient.  The shitty country needs people to work on improving it, not just leave, and the wealthy country needs to cover the costs of people already there before it thinks about helping non-citizens (which it isn’t currently doing).

Here’s a (admittedly from a very liberal friend) take on Brexit:


Is a symptom.  The underlying problems (alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, poor health, etc.) are what we haven’t been able to fix.  Homeless people will complain for somebody to give them free housing, but they won’t complain for somebody to help them fix their personal problems… many are probably in denial about these problems… which is why they ended up with such a shitty deal.

Haven’t heart the term yet

But the relationship remains in trouble: While at times during the therapy the marriage has felt calmer and more connected, inevitably it falls apart. As long as Michelle is loving toward Howard, the relationship rolls along relatively calmly. But if she is upset with him, angry or hurt, Howard is unable to hear or use this information. His armor is impossibly thick, at these times — not a recipe for an ongoing, growing, connection. This lack of penetrability, or emotional rigidity, is, in my view, the #1 promoter of divorce.

Spending time in uncomfortable emotional zones seems like a hallmark of actually thinking about new things… actually thinking about things.