Weekend Baseline Energy


I was out of town on both of these weekend days ($1.01 and $1.04).  I don’t run the air conditioning or anything, so it looks like that’s the lowest cost for a weekend day when I’m not home.  I could improve it by unplugging more devices that enjoy staying partially on for convenience (e.g. PS4, XBox, Wii U).

Each month, there’s a minimum bill of like $32ish, and that’s assuming no heating or air conditioning.  Weekends when I’m home can be more like $2.30, because I’m doing laundry or running the dishwasher.

If I cut back on my usage, the swing is about $1/day.

Here’s what a typical day looks like now:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.46.48 PM.png

I wake up at 7AM on weekdays, and I try to leave around 8AM.  Let’s see what my energy cost looks like for the first hour of my day:

.128, .187, .100, .114, .114, .108, .092, .130, .125

Average cost of 12.2 cents.

I’m not home until after 6PM, usually 6:30PM.  I usually eat dinner, maybe use the oven.  This, along with using an older computer, probably contribute the most to my energy usage in the evening.  Eventually I’ll upgrade the computer, but the cost of a new computer can’t possibly be justified by energy savings.  It we assumed $15/month due to old computer (very generous), it would take 11 years for a $2000 computer to pay itself back.  Maybe the real calculation is how many years it’s worth it for me to delay that purchase.

Q: What’s the cost per month of keeping the PS4, Xbox One, and PS4 in their “standby” modes?

PS4 = 10W (it’s like an LED light constantly being on)

XBox One = 12.9W

Wii U = 0.4W

Total: 23.3W constant.

On a typical week day, we have 13 low periods, 5 medium periods, and 6 high periods at .15, .23 and .35.  So

.0233 * (13*.15+5*.23+6*.35) = 12.1 cents per day.  About as much as breakfast.  $3.72/month.  In the course of a year, I could save enough to buy a discount video game.




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