Cash checkup

$4874 checking + $4373 savings =$9247

Outstanding bills before next paycheck:

HOA $315

Phone $100

Audible $15

BM vehicle Rental $800

PG&E $60

Total: $1290.  Maybe round to $1500 just in case food, gas, whatever (which is probably generous).  8 Days including today until the next paycheck.  It would be nice if $3500 was in my checking account then, so I can set aside $3200 of the $3500 and not think too much about it.  The 15 June paycheck can generate another $3200 in savings, so by mid-month total cash savings can be $10.7k.  Will be glad to be back in the double digits of emergency fund!  End of month could put me up to $12.7k.


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