How to measure wealth

I like Personal Capital to measure net worth.  I continue to use Mint b/c of it’s category spending breakdowns, but I removed the market value of my condo b/c Mint’s tracking was always broken.  The condo’s value mostly matters the moment I sell it.  The rental rate also matters, but I don’t think that’s so closely tied with the sales price.

Point is, I think I should probably remove the condo from the calculation of my net worth.  Why?  Because it moves the number too much, and unlike the stocks, it’s not something I can sell and convert into (relatively stable) cash.

$43k may be further from the finish line than $430k, but that’s the point — I have a long way to go before I have enough in invested assets to retire, and I can’t allow myself to be derp derp ho hum accept things as they come just because the condo price is rising.  I need to put myself in a context of challenge.  I’ve been looking at saving money on electricity, a bill which is max $57/month.  I need to be moving things in chunks of $500 a month.




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