Income Split

Let’s summarize where we are since the beginning of the year.

  1.  Count all my income (Salary, Tax Refund)
  2.  Count everything I’ve spent (Shopping, Vacation, Food, Property Tax, HOA, Mortgage Interest, Insurance, etc.)
  3. Remainder is savings.


I.  Income

Jan. 2016 $7598.50

Feb. 2016$7820.18

Mar. 2016$7820.18

Apr. 2016$7820.18

May 2016 $7820.18

= $38879.22

Tax refunds are counted as a spending reduction by Mint, so I’m just going to go w/ that.

II.  Spending


Home = $33,270 minus $27,690 principal pay down.  =$6030.  $1005/month.  The rental unit costs are folded into that, so if we say it’s about $550 base + $200 mortgage interest + $240 storage unit = $990, we’re pretty much there.

According to Mint, total Spending is $48,281.95, less the money used to pay debt.


– $27690.0 (Mortgage Pay Down)

= $20,591.85

I’ve spent about 53% of my income.  The  savings rate of my incoming money is about 47%.

If I spread the tax refund evenly across the top 6 spending categories (so they don’t go negative), then I get a pie chart of spending like:

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 12.20.43 PM.png


  1. Home (General Stability)
  2. Travel (Friends and Family)
  3. Yo-yos (Self Esteem)
  4. Non-collectible shopping (escapism and necessities)
  5. Food (umm, i need it to live)
  6. Bills (meh)
  7. Car (get to work)

I definitely have several friends who will now murder me for spending about the same on yo-yos as what I spend to visit them.

Important things I spend relatively little money on:

  1.  exercise
  2. education
  3. going out w/ friends and meeting people

Looking at this, the fact that I’m still spending that much on yo-yos probably means that my value system is still too oriented toward physical objects rather than valuing health, other people, and personal development.  What was my opportunity cost in those categories b/c I spent money on yo-yos?

Phrased another way, I still don’t have much self esteem.  I’m trying to buy it on eBay instead of spending that money connecting w/ people, which is a better way to do it.

The savings rate should rise throughout the next few months, as most of my travel spending is done for the year.  Also, I don’t think I’ll be making any major yo-yo purchases…


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