Vacation Expenses

I have a little extra free time, so time to count my expenses.

$243.30 Kultura Filipino (gifts for people + bag to bring gifts home.  most of this was a $170 purse for my mom and a $30 picture frame.  other gifts were mostly chocolate and some tote bags.)

$102.16 Chicago Chops steak house (This was overpriced by American standards.  I enjoyed the meal, and it was something I’d planned/wanted to do for this trip.  It’s kind of a reminder though – when you’re in a country that has more seafood than cows, eat the seafood.)

Air Travel $1,193.86 Ground Trans
Gifts $484.98 Caltrain to airport $7.75
Food $427.28 Uber to Airbnb $5.33
Room $190.00 Uber to Chilis $2.91
Ground Trans $27.48 Uber to Airport $3.74
Misc $17.30 Caltrain to SJ $7.75
$2,340.90 $27.48
Food Misc
Chicago Chops $102.16 USPS $6.80
Vietnamese $16.98 $17.30
Ramen $26.19 Gifts
Filipino Food $22.91 KULTURA FILIPIN MAKATI CITY $243.30
Korean Hot Wings $10.64 KULTURA FILIPIN MANDALUYONG $29.01
Greek $56.95 Karaoke for 9 $100.80
Chilis $40.06 $484.98
Milk + Cereal $6.88
Airport Food $11.89


Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.49.44 AM.png

Almost all my food was shared, so food expenditure on myself was more like $210 for just me.  I didn’t buy any “gifts” for myself — that was all for other people.  I’m extremely pleased with the room cost and the ground transportation cost.  The elephant in the room is the plane ticket, which would have been cheaper if I had booked it earlier.

Before the trip, I was hoping food + gifts would be more like $500, but less than $1000 is good.  My biggest expenses are gifts, no regrets there.

Kind of panicked when I realized that Mother of Pearl was a regulated material, since $200 of my spending was on Mother of Pearl items.  But it turns out the regulated varieties are white abalone and South African abalone, and I had bought Pinctada Maxima (oyster).  Although, I saw several boxes and different picture frames I’ve since found on the Internet were labeled as white abalone, but I didn’t purchase them, both because I didn’t think they looked as good and because, although the boxes were beautiful, I didn’t know what anybody would keep in such a pretty box.  It didn’t seem practical.  In my search, I also found that the price I paid for the purse was significantly less than what I found on the manufacturer’s website.

My mom loved the purse.


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