Of course I’ve already mentioned that exercise reduces future healthcare costs.  It may not help you live longer (anybody can get cancer), but it does increase quality of life while we’re still around.

I walk a fair amount, but I tend to have good weeks and bad weeks.  Before Burning Man this year, I had a few more bad weeks than I’d like.  Walking is great to keep the weight off, but it’s not really full body.

I won’t be spending very much money for the rest of the year, so I’ll be hanging out at home a lot.  I already have a chin-up bar and a set of pushup bars.  I just ordered a couple of 20 pound free weights.  Walking takes 2 hours a day.  I’m hoping I can see some good progress by spending 30 minutes in the morning on full body exercise using the free weights.  No alcohol and pay off the condo was my 2016 resolution.  As it turns out, I will have drank no alcohol, paid off half the condo, and maxed my retirement (and yes, vacations and a new computer also).  Next year will be to pay off the other half of the condo, continue to max retirement.  I’ll drink, but not very often.  And instead of committing to 2 hours of walking per day like 2014, I’ll commit to this morning routine:

  1.  Wake Up
  2. Drink half of protein shake
  3. Full body workout with free weights
  4. Drink other half of protein shake and continue my day.

Time wise, I think this should be efficient.  I’ll also aim to work my mid section, which usually doesn’t see much actions.  I have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guide to body building (Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding), but it’s in storage.  I could repurchase a used copy for $6… okay done.

Tonight I’ll continue to do pushups so I can justify drinking the protein powder.  Today I had pizza both for lunch and dinner (I purchase a whole one last night).  For dinner I added Trader Joe’s Sambal Matah Indonesian Salsa, and it was f’ing great.  I’ll add it to naan too.


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