Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

One week until I get paid again.  8 paycheck for the rest of the year, and probably 6 of them with $400 extra because my social security will be maxed.

$3910.09 * 8 + $400*6 = $33,680.

If I took exactly half of that, it would get the mortgage below $50k.  Which is nice because that includes paying the mortgage, so the remaining monthly costs after that are, say, $2000.  And that includes not touching savings.

If I assume the expenses for the rest of the year will be $8k (which isn’t true because I have insurance and property taxes to pay) then I’d have $25k remaining, which could bring my balance down to $41k.  I mean, I’ve already budgeted this out in detail, and my memory definitely tells me that there’s enough other stuff going on in my expense category that I won’t make it to $41k by the end of the year (e.g. $3k to move the furniture and kill the GA storage unit, which I’ve procrastinated on and will now put on my to do list).  Meh.  $50k is good enough.

I returned from Burning Man last weekend.  I felt like the year went smoothly, but the friend I went with mentioned basically that I micromanaged too much.  Like, he would put fruit in a box and then I’d tell him the fruit should go in a cooler bag instead, and that irritated him because he just wanted to be given responsibility for the fruit.  I understand that, and I’ve seen the same situation but in reverse.  I tried to mitigate it with my language at the time “You don’t have to do it,” but apparently that wasn’t enough.  It makes me think… situations for that are like surfing.  You’re riding a wave, considering a bunch of variables to keep the board moving forward on the deadline of a wave, and when working with other people you have to constantly be feeling and checking their perception, because even when you’re specifically trying not to come off a certain way, it can still happen.

Although I’m still very excited and eager to pay off the condo, I’m already looking beyond that goal.  I read about people and their lives, and it’s clear that paying off the condo really only buys me 50 years of reduced housing costs (since I’ll probably die after that).  Maybe 30 of those years I’ll have the energy to work.  What will that work be?  When I’m finished looking at the debt number going down, what will be my new metric for success?  The investment account?  Or something more diversified, like the number of people I’m helping to unfuck their finances at a given moment?  Not sure.

I’m beginning to teach an FPU class on Sept. 12.  Should be good!  I need to listen to the lesson plans again in preparation.  I want to add some supplemental info, and since this blog has reached 1000 posts and my memory is crappy, I’m hoping that listening the content will trigger some memories on interesting past articles / content I can show people.


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