Year over Year Savings Comparison

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.22.27 AM.png

Just for kicks here’s me projecting a very pleasant savings scenario:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 7.25.37 PM.png

Ok… It’s a little creepy how similar they are.  Thoughts:

  1.  I took more vacations in 2016 than 2015.
  2. I bought a computer and a new desk setup in 2016 ($3k).  I bought the NAS device in 2015 ($2k).
  3. In both 2015 and 2016, my savings slow down in April.  I guess this is because I’m paying for property tax, flights, etc.  I need to look into this, because April is also a time of heavy retirement saving in both years.
  4. I have about ~$9k more in take home pay in 2016 than in 2015, so I really should be doing better than this.  But I also had a lower tax return.
  5. My end of 2015 savings were damaged a lot by the furniture purchase ~$8k.  I cannot let this bullshit happen in 2016!
  6. 2016 is smoother because I tend to throw money into savings in the form of large lump sum mortgage payments rather than semi-monthly withdrawals from checking.
  7. If I’m successful, then I’ll save at least another $10k before the end of the year, putting the yearly total for 2016 at ~$46k which would definitely be an improvement over $37k in 2015, but it about equals the increase in take home pay, so I can’t say I’ve really sacrificed more.  I just earned more money.  My take home pay for the year is about $101k, so that would put my net savings rate at about 45%.  Honestly, bleh.  I want to be above 50%.  To get there, I need to save another $5k somehow (SELL STUFF, YOU IDIOT).

$36k in 8 months is about $4500 a month.  That actually seems quite good.  Maybe I am on track to hit the 50% mark.  Although about $1000 of that has been (mandatory) mortgage pay down each month, so when the mortgage is gone, the only difference will be that $1000 of the $4500 will be available in cash form rather than locked in condo value.  $200/month will be freed up b/c I won’t be paying any interest.  I’m freeing up $120 by killing the GA storage unit.  I can free up another $140 if I figure out how to kill the SJ unit.

Which would mean figuring out where to put this stuff while still having a sane looking condo:

I could probably switch to a 5×5 unit instead of 5×10?  20 containers.  4 stacks of 5 high.  Would I accept $140/month in rent payment to hold these boxes for somebody else?  Ehh… not so sure.

Remaining mortgage payments are likely to be made on Oct 15, Nov 15, Dec 15.  The last paycheck of the year, ~30 December won’t be available for the Dec. payment, but no big deal b/c that Dec 15 payment is for the January mortgage bill.


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