No, not the Beatles’ song, but just making a note about it.  Yesterday, I ordered two things and then canceled the order – $50 to Amazon for a pair of 25 lb weights, and $37 to Steam for the Sims 3.  I just didn’t need them.  There’s no way I’ve maxed out on the 20 lb weights I already have, and the Sims 3 with every expansion pack is only $30 elsewhere, so Steam’s sale on it is kinda bullshit (which is a good thing for me to remember in the future!).  I also walked to Best Buy / the Apple Store to check on the Apple Watch, but nobody had it in stock.  Not a good sign that I’m doing that :-/ but everytime I fail to buy it, I think I’m a little less likely to even try again, and that’s a good thing for my budget.  September wasteful spending is still very low.  Confession: I spent $7.50 for a game on Steam that I didn’t return.  *DUN DUN DUN*

I keep wanting to figure out new ways to visualize my progress.  Like, if I come across the perfect visualization, somehow it will make the whole process less painful.  But the reality is that being distracted from the process by hanging out with other people (for free) is what makes it easier.  So… more hiking!  I need to ask people about hiking.

The next month will be pretty boring, then a couple friends will visit at the end of October.  Thanksgiving I take a trip to LA, and then in mid-December I fly out to the east coast for 3 weeks.  I still need to book a cat-sitter for that.  I get back in early January, and then… well, then there’s nothing.  I don’t have any trips planned until presumably the beach next July.  My idea right now is just to say no to everything, but I know there will be social pressure to unhermit.


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