Cascading Furniture costs

2 side tables $1000

sewing table $1000

gentleman’s chest ($2500)

6 drawer chest ($2000)

bed ($1600)

table at end of bed $500

After looking at The Shaker Shoppe, I realize I basically paid less than retail but still a lot.  The furniture needs to be cleaned and the tables need to be refinished.  Burned in the back of the chest was “The Shaker Shop.”  I think it’s probably out of business now.

$8600 furniture + $1257.90 storage + $2364 moving + $294 + $96 movers + ?? (box spring?delivery?)

=$12611.90 + whatever the bed crap.  if i’m lucky i can make the ikea bed slats work.

This is ridiculous.  I’m never doing this again.  The storage + moving is what really killed me.  The bed is also wasteful but only a fraction as bad.

This is what I’ve paid for storage in SJ so far:

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 2.16.22 PM.png

I need to stop doing this…



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