People Eating at Foreign Restaurants

On my FB feed this morning, I noticed two different posts of people with graduate degrees showing off the food they were eating in expensive foreign countries.  A lawyer drinking coffee with her boyfriend in Zurich.  A doctor eating open-faced sandwich sushi in Copenhagen.

For sure, these are not the first of these kinds of pictures I’ve seen.  But I saw them in such rapid succession, I knew that statistically this was nothing like what most of my friends and peers were experiencing.  But FB doesn’t care about that.

Eating at foreign restaurants is an especially expensive affair.  The price of the plane ticket, the hotel room, the meal itself.  And of course being alone is sad, so you need to double it at minimum.

There’s nothing with eating at foreign restaurants.  But I think there is something wrong with not having a healthy proportion of saving, charity, and spending.  For sure, I need to do more charity.  I’ve been making the excuse to myself that I should decrease my fixed costs first, but that’s probably a load of crap.

Anyway, FB is never going to show us the proportions of how a person uses the heavily taxed income from their high paying professional job.  And even though I’ll say I think there’s something wrong with not having the right proportions – who suffers from having the wrong proportions?  The individual.  It’s none of my business, just like it’s none of my business if somebody is an alcoholic.  People have to handle their own shit.


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