Veterinarians Are Treated Horribly Under Student Loan Rules

If you’re a veterinarian, want to be one, are training to be one, or love someone who is, you should know about the extreme unfairness towards the profession that exists today. Veterinarians are treated horribly under student loan rules. Students graduate with huge balances, are not eligible for the best forgiveness options, and don’t earn high enough incomes to pay back their debts. To top it off, their peers in human medicine have access to a massive loophole in the student loan rules that veterinarians do not. This will result in veterinarians paying hundreds of thousands of dollars more on their student loans than human doctors making five times their salaries. This piece should serve as a call to action for the veterinary profession.

This is saying that it’s unfair that vets can’t dump their student loan debt on other people.  Because that’s what student loan forgiveness is.  It’s dumping your debt onto taxpayers.

It is unfair that the profession doesn’t earn a high enough income to pay off its debt.  What about art degrees?  Is it unfair that an art degree doesn’t earn enough to pay back a the $240k in student loans you’d take out to attend a private university?

What is fairness?  When you provide a service, should you be allowed to hold a gun to your clients so they will pay you whatever you believe is fair?

Or should people be responsible for planning out education programs that have a good ROI?


2 thoughts on “Entitlement”

    1. I agree the current loan situation is a huge problem, but I’m not sure what the best framework is. The law since 2005 says the debt isn’t discharged in bankruptcy, and that has encouraged lenders to give the money to anybody who will at least breathe for the next 50 years. I think the government should get out of the loan business entirely and put the money into increasing the quality of K-12 nationwide. I suspect the private loan industry, without bankruptcy protection, would be forced to deny more loans. Those people who are denied would be under more pressure to do the critical thinking necessary to figure out another way to pay. Colleges will be under pressure to charge less. A vet degree is for people from relatively wealthy families. That’s a hard truth to tell. Nobody wants to hear that, but it’s a luxury degree. Educating somebody in a hospital setting for 4 years is going to be expensive no matter what, and cats are $10 at the shelter. More people need to understand that earlier.

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