SJ city government sucks

It’s broke b/c not enough people work in the city.  But when a small business wants to open, it would rather see the property ‘blighted.’

San Jose: Bella Mia club proposal denied

I firmly believe that ultra lounges are dumb (that just means they’re not for me), but if there’s a willing owner/investor & a potential audience to use a space that has been closed now for years on a block that still has retail space that’s been closed for much longer, why so much resistance? Why does the city council insist on stepping down on legitimate tax revenue? Why would one part of the city encourage a potential owner, to the point they buy a lease and do hundreds of thousands of $ worth of remodeling, then pull the carpet out from under the owner, several times?

“I can’t believe how unfriendly to business San Jose is. The way San Jose treats entertainment is extremely disappointing — they basically run it out.” – Wolfes. Sad but generally true; even well connected projects have taken over a year to open a restaurant (see the old Blackbird), and unconnected businesses can take years (like Myth Tavern). Most cities would be a few months. Incredibly discouraging to independent business people who have to invest incredible amounts of time & $ just to play a very expensive waiting game.

“I’d rather see it blighted than a use that was proposed, I’m not just going to approve any business that decides I want to come in and open up in a vacant space.” – Peralez. Why is the councilman against utilizing vacant space?!? What big threshold is necessary for “better than boarded up”? Pretty sure our downtown rep ought to be doing much more to make the blight right.

“If we can’t treat every business owner in a fair manner, then I don’t think we deserve the reputation of being pro-business.” – Khamis. NEWSFLASH the city of SJ doesn’t have a reputation of being business friendly (unless you’re Adobe or Cisco sized), the city of SJ has a terrible reputation for opening up almost any kind of small business, and the city of SJ has a terrible reputation in terms of night life & entertainment.


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