Tomorrow Today is payday, when I transfer $4000 into savings.

In other news,

IRA account.PNG

I’ve been saying for a while that I need to get out of Edward Jones.  I feel like things are kind of coming to a head.  Out of $61k, the account manager has $27.8k in cash.  It’s not even invested.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I’ve been super clear with him about wanting to put my money into index funds.  In response, he’s ignored the account.  So it’s up to me to get my ass moving to open something I can better control.

And to remind myself how things will go for the rest of the year:

Big Events

15 November: +$4000 emergency fund [yay crisis averted]

30 November: +$1707 mortgage paydown + $300 emergency fund [mortgage <$51k, all December expenses covered w/ this money]

15 December: +$4200 emergency fund [back to “safety”, emergency fund $9000]

30 December: +$2800 mortgage paydown [mortgage <$50k, prepare for the 2017 slog, includes only first half of Jan 2017 expenses]


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