Showering Privileges

The hot water heater went out in my building, so now all the water is about 55 degrees.  I complained to my friend, but she had not sympathy, as she lives in a place with no hot water.  “First world problem,” say the girl living in a third world country.  Yay for what is possible with the Internet.

I decide to shower at work.  My old office building next to my current office building has a shower on the first floor, but my key card no longer works for it.  I go there with my greasy hair and 2 Trader Joes bags full of clothing and shower supplies.  The first few guys I ask to help me get in say they don’t have a key card.  Finally an older white woman on the first floor tries to buzz me in with her card, but it doesn’t work b/c she’s a girl.  Then she convinces an asian guy getting on the elevator to help me get in.

What if I wasn’t white?  I was just some greasy haired guy with two paper bags trying to get into a building where people make $100k+.  How fragile my routine is.


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