Mortgage payment sent, so now the balance should be $51k ish.  Savings money transferred, so now that balance is $4871.  About $1300 left for the month’s expenses.

I need to send the stupid paperwork to get back my stock option money from a previous company!!!

Big Events

15 November: +$4000 emergency fund [$4500 e-fund total, yay crisis averted] ✓

30 November: +$1707 mortgage paydown + $300 emergency fund[mortgage <$51k, e fund $4800, all December expenses covered w/ this money] 

Ok, let’s test the idea that all my December expenses are covered.

$4205 – $1137 – $1707 = $1361 available in checking

December Expenses:

Name Amount
HOA $315.00
PGE $50.00
AT&T Phone $103.00
gas $50.00
Bird Storage $130
audible $15
spending $500.00
Netflix $8.00
Comcast $140 (nov and dec)
total $1,311.00

Okay, so it’s in the range of doable, but it’s also hella tight.  Absolutely no extra purchases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That means no yoga mat, no holiday specials, none of that!  Also, I just realized I got hit with Amazon Prime membership re-up at $108.  That wasn’t planned for in my budget.  I’ll also have to pay for an uber to the airport for my Christmas vacation.

My friend is having a birthday on Friday.  That’s going to screw things up some, but I can probably minimize the impact by budgeting for it.

15 December: +$4500 emergency fund [$9300 e fund total, includes apple watch refund]

30 December: +$2800 emergency fund [$12100 e fund, mortgage <$50k, prepare for the 2017 slog, includes only first half of Jan 2017 expenses]


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