People generally don’t think the stock market will do that well over the next 30 years.  Maybe 7%.

I have about $100k in retirement right now.  I know I’ll need about $6M when I retire to maintain the income level I’m at now.  Let’s look at an investment calculator.


See, this is pretty depressing?  I have to work another 20 years.  And i’m putting half my take home pay into investments, and still I have less than half of $6M.  WTF.


Even if I sold the condo and added $300k to investments, it still doesn’t move the needle that much.  This is really frustrating b/c it says if I make a big sacrifice for the next 20 years, it doesn’t actually matter.screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-1-15-49-pm

Ok, so with this one, we see that if I make a big sacrifice (sell the condo), and I put my brain working on a higher annual return, then I can actually hit the goal.


And here we see that I don’t have to sell the condo if I get a significantly higher return.  Although, it seems like at 14% I should be doing better than this.

Conclusions: spend more time seeking higher returns on my money.  I need to make more money and get higher returns.  Likely though, that growth rate is in business equity not in public stocks.  The sooner I start, the better.


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