Okay, let’s compare the first half of 2016 with what I’d like to save in the first half of 2017:


For the first 6 months in 2016, I saved $24k, or about $4000 a month.  This also includes the mortgage principal, which is sad, because it means my savings were only $3k / month not considering the mortgage payment.  In 2017, I want to pay off $50k in that same time period.  Subtracting out some stuff:

$50k – $6k (savings) – $5k (bonus) – $3k (tax refund) = $36k.  Then it looks suspiciously like $6k a month.  $1k of that is the normal mortgage payment, so savings better be at $5k.  But last year it’s pretty clear I was only able to do $3k: 60% of that.

This is assuming a really, completely, unpleasantly bare bones budget for 6 months in a row.  Like, not just *not* eating at restaurants, but also eating more food at work for free.  Will I be able to do that *and* purchase the magical cat detecting food bowl?  Of course not.  I have to be socially weird if I do this plan.  6 month hermitation.  Or I have to sell stuff…

The savings for the second half of 2016 is looking to be $34k.  That’s a lot closer, but it includes a $5k bonus (and a $2.4k property tax payment).  Good that it is improving.  Looks like most of my success is going to be in vacation ignoring.

2017 Rules

  • no restaurants (safeway hooray)
  • no steam purchases until condo is paid off
  • no new video games or movies until the condo is paid off
  • no new electronics until the condo is paid off
  • no vacation until the condo is paid off
  • yoga 6 times a week
  • no alcohol until the condo is paid of except with people who called dibs

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