A little detail planning.

I harvested $210.88 out of Lending Club cash.  $5000 in the Betterment E fund.  $2807.62 in USAA savings.

On December 30, I should be able to save $1137 + $2800.  That gives me $6955.5 in savings outside Betterment.  So I should have the $6k available for the Feb. 1 mortgage nuke.  $955 in cushion.

January 13 should give me $3285ish in savings.  January 31 should be $2078ish.  total is $5363.  If the bonus is $4850, that totals to $16,213.  So the math still seems to check out…

The Great West termination charge ended up being $815!  WTF.  4.5% of $36k invested.  Need to get myself away from all these bloodsuckers.


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