Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning is my next paycheck.  I bought $140 worth of alcohol for a whiskey tasting on Jan 1.  I think I’ll keep one bottle and give one bottle to my stepdad.  Even with that “bad” spending, I still have $87 left after accounting for all December expenses, so I’m gonna call that a win.  I can put $3412/$4350 into savings in this paycheck.  78%.  It would’ve been more but I added another $250 for food for the first 2 weeks of January.

I’ll have $6400 in the savings account.  After that, it’s +$4850 bonus +$5000 January savings, and I have my $16,000, although admittedly not as much as I calculated earlier, which I guess didn’t include $140 for alcohol.  Well fuck it, I’m going to make that monster payment at the end of January.

I made it to more like +$2268 savings for the Dec. 30 paycheck.  Looking back, I suspect my $2800 was probably $250 fake to begin with because I didn’t plan to eat in the first half of January (oops).  Then the $140 of alcohol knocked me down more… and I paid for a $40 dinner, $20 shooting range thing… all good expenses because they represents gifts to the family during the holiday.  That accounts for $450.  I feel okay about it.


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