Let the Temptations Begin

Last year, when I reviewed some of the Paypal transactions from 2016, I was reminded of a certain yo-yo.

Well, that yo-yo has come up again!  I deleted the eBay app on my phone, but apparently I wasn’t fast enough disabling the email, so I saw it on email.  I can’t unsee it, so the temptation is there.  $200 for a perfect condition Oxy 4 #212.  I have 8 numbered Oxy 4’s right now.  At least half of those are in near perfection condition.  I have 13 Oxy 4’s total according to the spreadsheet, so I guess that makes it 5 not numbered.

Ok, filter in place, so hopefully that means I don’t even see the next one.  For now, I’ll just try to do nothing at all.


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