When Tomorrow Isn’t Today

It feels really far away.  January 8.  Need to keep going until June 30.  Six month is only half the last year.  And that year is already over!  It should be easy for me to keep my focus… but it’s not.  Today was rainy, so I found myself doing indoor activities.  Revisiting some movies I re-encoded 6ish months ago.  Sorting out which files can be deleted to free up space.  Investigating if I should use my video card for encoding (fast) or stick with the CPU (slow).

Anyhow, I went rooting around for some more stuff to test, and I came across “The Best of Unsolved Mysteries.”  I paid $9.62 for maybe 28 episodes.  Woohoo.  Anyhow, it caused me to look on Amazon to see if I could find a more complete set (I found “The Ultimate Collection”), but sadly it was out of stock.  The original “Best of” is now out of print and selling for $150 or so (craaaazy).  On eBay you can get the ultimate set for $500.

Temptation!  But not really b/c the ultimate set is just a collection of previous releases, some of which are still available for around $10.  But it does bring up the point: when I spend time farting around with movies, it causes temptation to hunt for / acquire more movies.  And I don’t need that…

I didn’t buy anything.  I did a light yoga today because my muscles felt pretty sore (despite protein shake after the workout, protein before bed, protein when I woke up).  I just did some 28 minute thing that was mostly stretches.


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