Early Update

I’ve been back from Georgia for about a week.  I spent $15 on a new domain name (fiveyear.club).  I should try to set it up today, but I think WordPress will want money to link it (“Adding a domain you already own costs $13.00 per domain, per year.”).  I spent $300 on some test help material for a med school friend.  She says she’ll pay me back but I did it as a gift.  It’s important that she pass.  Two days from now is Friday, the 13th, which is supposed to be the big paycheck for the year, I think.  Probably $9053 based on what I received in July and the Apple Watch refund ($292).  A 46% withholding rate.  UGH.  Income tax is outrageous.

I have around $200 in my checking account.  Roughly $645 of remaining January expenses, leaving $8608.  Final January paycheck is like $3,910, and I can probably only save $2,123 from that.  That’s $10,731 from January paychecks to spend on the mortgage.  Roughly $7,700 in savings.  If I use $6000 of that for mortgage paydown, I only have $1,700 in savings, which is too low.  Given, I now have $3,350 I could spend on medical in savings, but I think it’s more likely I’d have a non-medical emergency like a job loss.

Let’s say I pay down $10,731 + $2,781 = $13,512 additional on the mortgage.  That puts the balance at $35,569 which is still pretty good and leaves me $5,000 in savings.


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