Payday, no bonus edition

Pet peeve of mine: not being compensated on time.  I probably should have sent an email about it.  Incompetence is the norm here.  Anyhow, The direct deposit was $4208.97.  Maybe I should go ahead and transfer $3500 into the savings account, since I already calculated I’d already need $700 for the second half of the month. I transferred another $5k to my Betterment safety net fund.  If it averages 5%, then that should offset the 3.125% I won’t get by paying the mortgage down.  I also added more security to the Betterment account, which I really should have done a while ago.

I recommended it to a friend, and they signed up, but I was an idiot and didn’t use the referral link so we didn’t get 6 months of free service.  Booo…

Edward Jones closed my accounts.  So now I just have to hope they will send me the appropriate tax paperwork…

“Feb 15, 2017 Consolidated 1099 Tax Statement (which may include IRS Forms 1099, INT, DIV, OID, B, MISC and Supplemental Information) mailed or e-delivered to clients”


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