Old Tequila

I bought this bottle of Tequila to celebrate closing the condo back in 2009.  It was around $250 I think.  I’d had the Cabo Wabo Anejo in Ithaca during college, and it seemed like this would be the bees knees.

Anyhow, it is mostly gone, but there seems to be one drink left.  My plan is to drink the last shot in celebration of paying off the condo.

I’ve been leaning toward putting the extra money into a mix of 60% bonds and 40% stocks rather than paying off the condo.  The money would be in Betterment, so it wouldn’t be readily available to spend.  Interest rates are rising, but will that actually crush bond returns?  The stock market could fall, but since it’s only 40% stocks, even if it fell by 25%, that would still be just 10% of the total.  Over the long run, it should earn 5%, which would beat both inflation and the 3.125% interest rate on the mortgage.

Theoretical investment returns aside, I like the idea of keeping my options open and having the security of many months of living expenses available.  My career does feel stagnant, and I’m going to need to start pushing myself towards another uncomfortable conversation at work.

16% of student loan holders, 7 million people, haven’t made a payment in a year and are in default.


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