Since I’ve been shopping at the Safeway more often, I wanted to checkup on how much I’ve spent on groceries since I returned on Jan 5.

TJ $73.05, $34.01, $36.62,

Safeway $17.48, $10.57, $25.79

= $197.52 for 11 days.  That’s about $18 a day.  It includes some non-food items like dental floss and soap.  Some of the stuff from Trader Joe’s was definitely on the pricier side.

At that rate, I’m spend $558 and I’ve only budgeted $500.  How to improve?

  1.  Well, first off, fewer trips to the grocery.  I went 6 times!  That’s a crazy waste of time.  I should be going like once a week, so maybe twice so far.  I’m not planning enough.
  2. Find a better staple for carbs / protein / fat.  I tend to buy these not very efficiently, because it’s fast to prepare.  But I should have something like rice or bread.  I’ve been consuming more protein powder, but it’s on top of food consumption, not in lieu of it.
  3. Not everything is about reduction.  Since I’m not going to restaurants: What’s something new I should try at the grocery?  Cook a steak?

$11k in savings.  +$7k at the end of the month.  That puts me at $18k, which is expected.


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